"Welcome to the Underdark"

Four Bound Heroes and a Slyth in a Barrel

In the aftermath of the attack last session the Drow had to stop to regroup, and as an important heir was missing, they set down camp for a day. During this time the PC’s were sent out to scout the caves ahead. After being joined by a drow guard, clearing out some monsters, navigating a small ledge along a deep gorge and finding a portal to the Elemental Plane of Air, they set up camp in a mushroom-filled cave. Shplorgh Siltstream managing to identify some of the mushrooms as edible and some as poisonus fills up with a lot of both, and the party finally reached level 8. Then they headed back to the drow camp and almost got cought in a drow ambush by the caravan, believing them to have poisoned the caravan’s food supplies.
This is the part where everything broke into a brawl as the party decided to play it safe, and knock the enemies out rather than kill them. One of the ambushers were trapped under a 3m long bat and the other was having a punch-out with Dorin Ban’ol.

After getting back to the caravan they were searched for anything possibly related to the poisoning of the food supplies. Finding a symbol of Ghanadaur on both Aizlith and Kelnazz Filfar and a lot of poisonous mushrooms in Shplorg’s bag did not help the party’s case. They where bound and taken captive. Only after a long discussion they finally convinced the caravan-leader to let them free. They then escorted the caravan to the intended destination.

Shadows in the Bark

A lengthy battle with a pair of Shadow Mastiffs left the party slightly wounded.

Of dwarfs and rocks.

After passing through the portal, the party continued through a long corridor. As they approached a junction, they encountered a trap that sent lightning from the roof to the ground, electrifying a piece of it. After some trial and error, the party managed to pass through it by using summoned creatures to expend it, and run past it as it was charging. But not before VĂ©rran managed to get severely hurt again. Therefore, they decided to set up camp in a large room just ahead and patch him up.

There, some time later, they encountered a Slyth named Shplorgh Siltstream who had a dire bat following him. After some rather strained negotiations, they let him travel with them, and he led them towards the nearest settlement: The duergar town of Dornagar.

At some point during their travels, they encountered an odd and ugly statue. As they went up to it and studied it, it showed itself for what it was – Some kind of magical creature – as it used it’s powers to turn Dorin into stone. The fight was tough, and it almost managed to kill some of the party before they gathered up in a unified attack. After it’s defeat, they decided to try to bring the now petrified dwarf along, something they managed to do by letting the bat pull him along.

Their travels, now severely slowed down, continued towards Dornagar, where they where now hoping to find a cure for Dorin’s condition.

Out of bonds, and into the unknown.

In the world of Toril, beneath the land of Faerun exists a vast underground network of caves, old mines and catacombs. This underground realm is known as The Underdark. It is here, miles from the surface, that a group of slaves is currently working on a tunnel for their Illithid masters. Bound by magic this group of many different races have no choice but to serve, and are working effectively together. Suddenly, for some unknown reason the spell of the foremost slave is broken. Choosing death over recapture, the mighty minotaur brings down the mine-shaft upon himself, the other slaves and their masters. The floor cracks up beneath them, and some of them fall down. Halfway down, the spells of the falling slaves are also broken, leaving them to be free willed. For most of them, this is a short-lived ordeal, but for a lucky few they survive the fall and the impact with the water underneath.

Most of the miners have now been crushed by the rocks up ahead, or underneath those sinking down into the water below, but somehow four have survived. Two drow, Ilivarra and Kelnazz, a dwarf from the highest parts of the underdark, Dorin, and a young gloamling sorcerer, Verran.

Deciding to work together rather than facing the merciless underdark alone, they start searching for some way out. The gloamling finds a tunnel underneath the waters, and the dwarf is the first to take the initiative and starts walking along the bottom as he’s held down by his armour.
After chasing away a hungry dire-rat, the party continues on, encountering a large chamber with webbing along the ceiling and some of the walls. Carefully moving through the room, a huge spider attacks them as they are leaving, having dropped their guard a bit too much. After a swift battle, Verran have been severely injured, but the spider is defeated. The others manage to patch him up, and after stopping for a while to rest, he is strong enough to keep on.

As they come to the first junction they encounter, they decide to keep moving upwards, a choice they repeat as they a while later arrive at a stairway stretching both ways as far as they can see. When they finally reach the top of the stairs, they find a dire-rat – most likely the one Dorin chased away – lying dead in the middle of the room. After a quick inspection, they find it to have been killed by a blunt blow. Searching the floor for tracks, Ilivarra finds traces of some number of bipedal creatures passing by here within not so long. Studying the exits, they choose to walk down one of the ones showing lesser traces of traffic.

It leads them to a large room filled with, among other tings, crates of uncut emeralds and a pair of pillars close to the middle of the room. As they hear rushing footsteps, Ilivarra accidentally walks between the two pillars, and finds that there is a portal there, taking here to another cave. She quickly returns to inform the others as a small group of quaggoths attack from the way they came. They fight them off, and then the dwarf yells for them to retreat through the portal.

The party complies, and they find themselves in a dark cave stretching forward as far as they can see with no idea where they are or what lies ahead.


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