"Welcome to the Underdark"

Of dwarfs and rocks.

After passing through the portal, the party continued through a long corridor. As they approached a junction, they encountered a trap that sent lightning from the roof to the ground, electrifying a piece of it. After some trial and error, the party managed to pass through it by using summoned creatures to expend it, and run past it as it was charging. But not before VĂ©rran managed to get severely hurt again. Therefore, they decided to set up camp in a large room just ahead and patch him up.

There, some time later, they encountered a Slyth named Shplorgh Siltstream who had a dire bat following him. After some rather strained negotiations, they let him travel with them, and he led them towards the nearest settlement: The duergar town of Dornagar.

At some point during their travels, they encountered an odd and ugly statue. As they went up to it and studied it, it showed itself for what it was – Some kind of magical creature – as it used it’s powers to turn Dorin into stone. The fight was tough, and it almost managed to kill some of the party before they gathered up in a unified attack. After it’s defeat, they decided to try to bring the now petrified dwarf along, something they managed to do by letting the bat pull him along.

Their travels, now severely slowed down, continued towards Dornagar, where they where now hoping to find a cure for Dorin’s condition.


KamiSama KamiSama

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