"Welcome to the Underdark"

Four Bound Heroes and a Slyth in a Barrel

In the aftermath of the attack last session the Drow had to stop to regroup, and as an important heir was missing, they set down camp for a day. During this time the PC’s were sent out to scout the caves ahead. After being joined by a drow guard, clearing out some monsters, navigating a small ledge along a deep gorge and finding a portal to the Elemental Plane of Air, they set up camp in a mushroom-filled cave. Shplorgh Siltstream managing to identify some of the mushrooms as edible and some as poisonus fills up with a lot of both, and the party finally reached level 8. Then they headed back to the drow camp and almost got cought in a drow ambush by the caravan, believing them to have poisoned the caravan’s food supplies.
This is the part where everything broke into a brawl as the party decided to play it safe, and knock the enemies out rather than kill them. One of the ambushers were trapped under a 3m long bat and the other was having a punch-out with Dorin Ban’ol.

After getting back to the caravan they were searched for anything possibly related to the poisoning of the food supplies. Finding a symbol of Ghanadaur on both Aizlith and Kelnazz Filfar and a lot of poisonous mushrooms in Shplorg’s bag did not help the party’s case. They where bound and taken captive. Only after a long discussion they finally convinced the caravan-leader to let them free. They then escorted the caravan to the intended destination.


KamiSama KamiSama

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